Creating A Safe Home Environment For Seniors

Creating a Safe Home Environment for Seniors

As our loved ones get older, it’s more important than ever to make sure their home is safe and secure. Making some changes around the house can lower the chance of any unforeseen accident. This guide will talk about some things that we can do to make our homes as senior-friendly as possible.

6 Tips for Creating a Safe Home for Seniors

It is very important to make sure seniors have a safe place to live. Let’s look at some useful tips that can make a big difference in their daily lives. 

Light Up The Home More

As we get older, our eyes don’t work as well as they used to. This is why senior homes need to have good lighting. The bright lights help to see better.  Use bright lights for extra illumination. 

Make sure every room has a lot of light. Put night lights in the bathrooms and halls. If possible you can place motion-sensor lights to make sure they don’t have trouble finding the switch. 

Get Rid Of Slippery Surfaces

Anything slippery should be out of your home. Older people don’t have a very good sense of balance. So, if you have a rug that slips or folds easily, throw that out. 

Also, try to place some sort of textured and grippy carpeting on every floor surface. And that includes that bathroom. That will make the floor more grippy. Making it harder for the elderly to slip. 

Hire A Personal Aid Caregiver

For some elderly, a personal aid caregiver is a must. Especially, those with complicated diseases like Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Dementia, etc. In these cases, a professional with the necessary education and training to care for the elderly might be necessary. 

While it’s great to want to care for your loved one by yourself, don’t hesitate to look for help when it’s necessary.

Rearrange The Furniture

Furniture can be puzzling for the elderly. Put them in a way that makes them safe and easy to get around. Think about which sports or rooms your senior moves to frequently. Try to rearrange all the furniture in a way that leaves the least amount of obstructions between them and where they want to be.  

The corners of the furniture should not be sharp. Buy furniture with rounded edges or add corner guards. Also, make sure there is enough space between furniture pieces. Especially if they use mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs. 

Keep Essential Items Close

Keep everyday things close at hand to seniors. Like the TV remote, medicine, or their favorite drink. Put them where they can reach them without having to bend over too far. You could put these things on a small side table or shelf next to the sitting area. 

Make sure that the things they use often are easy to get to in the bathroom and kitchen. Put in steps and grab bars in these places to make them safer and more stable. 

Safety In The Bathroom

The bathroom can be the most dangerous place for seniors. It’s not uncommon to hear about old people having an accident in the bathroom. So, we need to take extra care in making it a safe place for seniors. 

Put grab bars next to the toilet and in the bath or shower. Grab bars can help them sit down or stand up. Invest in a toilet seat that is compatible with the height of your older family member. 


We all want to ensure the safety of seniors in our care. And with these tips, you now have the information to do it. But, if you require more in-depth professional advice on looking after your senior, don’t be shy to get in touch with us. We would be very pleased to help you out.  

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